” For the past five years, both Sinead’s and my life have become intertwined as we have walked our spiritual paths together. Both personally and professionally, this has been a privilege for me; from the first time I met Sinead I instantly recognized in her, a rare and beautiful soul. Sinead has the power to connect with you on a very deep soul level, (all you need to do is walk into Purple Lotus and no matter how lousy your day is you will leave feeling uplifted, this is Sinead’s energy – just try it!) she is a very rare and gifted healer that will leave a very positive impact on the lives of people she will work with. With all of my heart and soul I wish Sinead the very best on her onward journey through life.” – Bridget Hillis, Co. Wexford.


“Integrated Energy Therapy for me is one of the best things I have ever done. It has helped me release layers of emotion I had buried inside for years. It has made me lighter as a person.
I cannot say enough about Sinéad. She has a fantastic gift. Her empathy and caring nature shine through her work and professional approach. I have achieved a lot in a short space of time and will return again in the future.”– Bridget, Waterford


“Meeting Sinead at the Purple Lotus was a catalyst for my spiritual growth. Sinead talked to me about different types of healing and told me about Rahanni Celestial Healing .Sinead gave me a wonderful Rahanni healing and I knew I wanted to learn this new healing modality.
Sinead made Rahanni Healing accessible and affordable. She is a wonderful teacher, her relaxed manner puts everyone at ease, while as the same time she is alert to make sure everyone in the group is happy with all aspects of the training, theory and practical and is quick to help and will demonstrate again if anyone needs help.
Sinead is always there for follow up help or advise and comes up with great support ideas like her Rahanni share evening where fledgling healers can practice their skills.
I thoroughly recommend Sinead as the go to person for healing courses, meditation, or healing as Sinead is a powerful and intuitive healer herself and is following her soul’s purpose which is I believe to heal and help others on their spiritual journey.”K.Quigley, Wexford


“I heard about IET(Integrated Energy Therapy) from a friend and was curious as to how I would feel about it. I was going through quite a difficult and incredibly busy time in my life. As soon as I met Sinead I knew that this was the beginning of a healing ‘journey’ rather than just a once off ‘fix’. Sinead has a gift, not only manifested through the impact that IET has had on me but also in terms of her kindness, empathy, spirituality and professionalism. IET itself can itself be difficult at times, it can be emotionally and physically draining however, the aftermath of peace and tranquility is worth the time spent with Sinead. I would highly recommend a visit to Purple Lotus to begin your own healing journey.” – R.O’Connor, Wexford


“I started attending IET with Sinead back in January. I have noticed dramatic changes both physically and mentally since then. Back in January I was incredibly stressed and suffering constantly with back pain; sleepless nights were the norm and my memory was very poor. I have a hectic schedule like most people these days and was finding striking a work/ life balance was simply not happening. I have attended a number of sessions at this stage and the difference I feel is significant. I no longer suffer from constant back pain, I am finding myself spending more time appreciating the present; I still get stressed but have learned strategies from Sinead that work to ground myself. I find the sessions both incredibly relaxing and cathartic. I would highly recommend a visit to Sinead.”-Tracey, Wexford


“The healing treatments that I received from Sinead  have been one of the best experiences of my life, and have helped me in so many ways that I never thought possible. I was a very stressed out person and one that could not sleep very well, but with the work that Sinead has done my energy has changed and I have learned to deal with the things that were holding me back in life and that I am a better person than I ever thought I was. After my sessions I feel like a new person, uplifted in myself and relaxed. In my eyes Sinead truly has a special gift, a gift that can help you if you let it. I for one am happy I found out about Sinead and her shop and I would highly recommend her healing treatments available. They changed me for the better.” – L. Kelly, Co. Wexford.


“Sinéad, I would like to thank you sincerely for the improvement in my condition that your holistic treatment has effected. I came to you disappointed and worried that for once pharmaceutical recommendations had not improved my very low energy levels. I have relied for many years on standard medical practice which I applaud unreservedly. However, for almost 2 years, I have been unable to get help from some of my medication due to the limited energy and exercise and walking had become quite a chore. Despite my necessary dependence on some prescriptions, I have found that some have been discomforting.
The improvement that I have felt since your therapy has brought me a great deal more energy and a better outlook. My friends all remarked that I have improved very much and tell me how well I look compared to how I appeared before I came to you. Embarrassing of course but good to hear! I wish you well for the future so that your gifts and knowledge may give many others the same relief.” – Frank Murray, New Ross, Co. Wexford


“I visited Sinead for IET and found the treatment so amazing and relaxing and beneficial that I have recommended her to all my family and friends. Sinead is really lovely and friendly and I felt at ease straight away. In the weeks after the treatment I definitely felt the effects of it and will return very soon” – Anonymous


” The healing treatments I have had have helped me in so many ways, from helping me let go of things in the past that were holding me back, stress, anger, even a broken heart and many health issues. The feeling afterwards is great, like a weight has been lifted and I am so relaxed. The whole experience is uplifting and is carried out by Sinead who is very professional and who truly has a gift and healing hands. Her treatment room is amazing and very relaxing. I would truly recommend any of the treatments available.” – Mary Doyle, Co. Wexford.