Counselling Service

Counselling Service

When we are in need of support, we often turn to friends and family for help.  Sometimes this is enough, but there can be times we feel we need additional support, or it may be that we feel we cannot ask for support from friends or family.  Sometimes it is easier to talk to someone outside of friends/family about what we are experiencing, rather than someone close to us.

Counselling provides an invitation to speak privately with a professional about any problems that are worrying or upsetting.  Talking to people who are trained in a special way to listen to problems can deepen a person’s understanding of what is happening and develop alternative ways of dealing with the situation.


The kinds of things you may be experiencing where counselling can help include:

  • Difficult feelings – depression, hopelessness, anxiety, anger
  • Relationship problems
  • Family problems
  • Drinking too much or taking drugs
  • Poor body image and/or eating difficulties
  • Bereavement or other significant loss

If you are unsure whether you need counselling or whether counselling would be helpful for you, do not hesitate to contact the service and/or make an appointment, so you can discuss this with a counsellor and have your questions answered.

This Counselling service offers a quiet and calm space in which to explore any difficulties you are experiencing in your life with a therapist who will guide you in a caring and non-judgmental way.
Whether you need just a few sessions to deal with an immediate problem or would like to work long-term on a deeper issue, our fully qualified, accredited therapist can help.

Counceller: Roni Murphy

Rate :€50 – 1 hour