Shamanic Healing

What Is Shamanic Healing, and How Can It Help?

Shamanic healing is an ancient healing practice used by shamans across the world, to help their clients restore balance, peace and wellbeing within themselves. A shaman is an intermediary between the human and spirit worlds. Shamanic healing can help people to heal from trauma, heavy emotions, anger, abuse, grief, sadness, loss, stress, anxiety, fear, fatigue, and many emotional issues. It can also help with physical ailments.


An Illumination is a gentle yet deep healing which clears the chakras of hucha (heavy energy) and the energy body of harmful physical and emotional imprints. When this is achieved, it will promote longevity, strengthen the immune system, and change negative emotions and behaviours.

Crystallised Energy Extraction:
A Crystallised Energy Extraction is performed when an Illumination cannot clear all heavy energy within the energy body, because these resistant energies become crystallised and imbedded in the physical body. These can come in the form of psychic daggers, swords or spears. The Andean Shamans view crystallised energy as being a result of sorcery or black magic. Though it can also be formed out of anger, hatred or envy directed at us. Removing these crystallised energies can restore vitality.

Parasitical Energy Removal:
Parasitical energy beings can attach themselves to people to begin a process of possession. They feed off the person and can cause symptoms such as depression, fatigue/insomnia, mood swings/personality shifts, binges, negative thought forms or loss of basic health. Removing this type of energy can restore vitality and energy levels.

Soul Retrieval:
A soul retrieval is done by the shaman, on behalf of the client in order to bring back a part of their vital essence. Soul loss is caused by trauma, that can result in emotional or physical disease. Through trauma, a part of us leaves or disassociates in order to cope with emotional pain. Some symptoms of soul loss are; unhealthy connections, fatigue, depression, feeling empty, chronic illness, or a weak immune system. Through shamanic journeying the shaman will recover this vital essence for the client, to restore balance. These soul parts return to us our personal power.

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Shamanic healer: Carmel Kehoe