Product Description

Enhance your experience of pregnancy, birth, and motherhood through learning mindfulness techniques that help improve your physical and emotional well-being.

Learn easy mindfulness techniques designed to be accessible and achievable by anyone.
Explore self-care during pregnancy and in early motherhood
Find out how to approach labor and the birthing experience in a way that works for you.
Discover ways to help you bond with your baby both before and after birth.

It’s normal to worry during pregnancy, but being unduly anxious can spoil this precious time. By using mindfulness techniques, you can stay in the present, accept and manage your feelings and thoughts, and become more in tune with your changing body and developing baby. Sarah Rudell Beach’s simple techniques can be incorporated easily into everyday life, helping you become aware of your lifestyle: Are you taking on too much? Do you need to slow down? The more formal meditations help you shut out the outside world, quieten your mind, and be at one with your unborn baby to strengthen that special bond. There are mindfulness techniques to help you approach labor and birth without fear and handle each stage moment by moment. Finally, Sarah shows how mindfulness practices learned during pregnancy can be taken into motherhood, so that you can enjoy living in the moment with your new baby.

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