Product Description

Total running time: 61 minutes

The Tracks:
1 Loving Touch
2 Healing circle
3 Waves of Light
4 Illumination of the Heart
5 Mystic Voyage
6 Shamanic Healing

They say: Reiki is a universal healing energy rediscovered by Mikao Usui at the end of the last century. Reiki is also the term for a gentle system of healing, mostly by touch of hands. Several methods have been developed by different successors of Mikao Usui. All of them share the realization that a subtle life energy can be activated to promote self-awareness and self-healing of body, mind and soul. This new Reiki music by Deuter is composed and performed with a wonderful sensitivity to let the spirit of Reiki unfold itself.

This is music that brings the pace of your life right down. As you listen you cannot help but get drawn into a world of synthesized chords and light percussion that goes in waves and doesn’t have the obvious structure of beginning and end. It is not the sort of album you would sit down and listen to as a musical piece of work. It is more one that you would use as a means to an end – to help you meditate, to help calm while giving or receiving a complementary therapy such as massage or Reiki or just to try and switch off from the hustle and bustle of a busy life.