Product Description

Chakras Made Easy (Book) by Anodea Judith

Information: 201 pages, paperback

Blurb on the Back Says:
A complete guide to understanding, working with and developing your connection to your chakra system for healing and transformation.

Anodea Judith is the world’s bestselling author and foremost expert on the chakras. In this inspirational guide, she introduces each of the seven major energy centres in the body and offers practical tools for using this incredible energy system to take charge of your wellbeing, express your true self and navigate your journey towards full-spectrum living.

Learn how you can use the chakra system for:
* Enhancing wellbeing
* Liberating yourself from limiting patterns
* Manifesting the life you want
* Awakening to a higher state of consciousness
* Helping to transform the world we all shar

This book was previously published under the title Chakras (Hay House Basics series).