Product Description

This candle has an aroma of Moroccan Rose and Chamomile and supports the Throat Chakra. The Throat Chakra embodies creativity and is the centre of communication and self-expression. It is made from pure plant wax with different natural essential oils.

This candle is produced using ‘stearin’ or palm wax and which includes 3% of pure essential oils. Stearin is a renewable source that can be replanted and makes the candle burn very clean and smokeless. The wick used in the candle is pure cotton and as a result of this, you tend to have a very steady bright flame and no waste-product as the candle burns itself out. The candle is paraffin free and has no metal-lead, zinc contents or any animal derived ingredients.

16-18 hours burning time. About 4.5 cms (1.75 inches) tall.